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New Site Manager

Mike Sponseller of New Market, MD, is now maintaining this site.  Mike took over in July from Greg Sponseller, Columbiana, OH, its creator.


Welcome to the Sponseller Genealogy website. This site is designed to be a collection point for all things Sponseller. My mission is to try to tie together all Sponseller family research and make it readily available to those who desire to learn about the family - now and for our future generations.


One of the prime sources of information on this website is the family tree assembled by John Robinson, Riverdale, MD in April, 1970. ItÂ’s a marvelous work, considering that he did not have access to the WWW and all its postings, newsgroups, searchable databases and CDs full of census records. Only huge blocks of time traveling and contacting families and intense investigative research united with the assistance of many local genealogical collectors could have made all this available. Perhaps that same sense of family cooperation can make this site as unique as is the Robinson booklet.

The Robinson work is being entered into a format that will allow interactive searches. I'm intertwining it with research by Alan Sponseller, Vanessa Stern, and my own.  You will be able to enter a name and, if it's in the database, the results will take you back to Hans Philip and forward as far as Robinson's records and those you submit will take us.

I need your help

I am not the discoverer of new Sponseller data; only the collector and editor. You are the authors. Your research and record keeping contributions are essential to the depth of this Sponseller Genealogy anthology. I look forward to your contributions to, questions about, and comments on this compilation.

Mike Sponseller