Sponseller Family Genealogy Collection

Sponseller Businesses

Have you ever . . .
. . . designed your dream house with Sponseller Realty, New Market, MD?
. . . picked up a bouquet of flowers from Sponseller's Flower Shop, Berryville, VA?
. . . taken Tae Kwon Do lessons at Sponseller Taekwondo, South Bend, IN?
. . . had gutters replaced by Sponseller Eavestroughing, Shepherd, MI?
. . . solved automation problems with the Sponseller Group, Holland, OH?
. . . enjoyed an omlette from Sponseller's Egg Co., Hanover, PA eggs?
. . . gotten "wired" by Sponseller Electric, Mt. Pleasant, MI?
. . . commissioned artwork from Brandt Sponseller, NJ?
. . . sipped wine from Andy Sponseller's Ten Spoon Vineyard, MT?
. . . eaten frozen custard at Carl's in Fredericksburg, VA?

There are a LOT of Sponsellers who are attorneys! 

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Sponseller's Flower Shop

Owned by Richard Sponseller, Berryville, VA (Richard has been Berryville's Mayor, too.

Sponseller Group, Inc.

Sponseller Group, Inc., Holland, OH

Carl's Frozen Custard

Started by Carl Sponseller, Fredericksburg, VA, in a service station 1947, moved into a new building 1953.  Now owned the children of Paul Sponseller, Carl's brother.

Listed on the Virginia Registry of Historic Places 2003
 Listed on the National Registry of Historic Places 2005

Sponseller's Tire Shop 1919

Owned by Leo Sponseller, on the Square, Columbiana, OH 1919

The Columbiana Motor Company

Owned by Leo Sponseller, East Park Ave, Columbiana, OH

Sponseller's Chevrolet

Owned by Oliver Sponseller, Lisbon St, Canfield, OH

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