Sponseller Family Genealogy Collection
  Jacob & Pauline Sponseller               Back: Ralph, Harry, Clyde, Arthur, Emery
                                                         Front: Elnora, Jacob, Leo, Pauline, Edith


Leo & Myrtle        Leo, Myrtle, Harriet, & Arthur          Ralph, Harry, & Leo

Gene, Myrtle, Herb, Dick, & Leo                          Herb & Althea Sponseller

Greg & Bari Sponseller  . . .  and daughters  . . . Katie, Kylie, & Kami (Greene)

    Lynn, Uncle Dick, Tim, Aunt Janice, Nancy & Jerry Garcia  

          Oliver, Ron holding Steven, and Harry            Nancy & Ron Sponseller

           Ron, Karen, Lynn, Steven, and Nancy               Ron & Nancy & Daughters' Families

Paul & Sagrario Sponseller's Wedding, Zaragoza,Spain                   Paul, Sagrario, and Cristina

 Ray J. & Annie holding Paul's daughter Ramona                Joseph Sponseller
      Michael J. & Elizabeth B. Sponseller           George William Sponseller

Diana &Timothy Sponseller, Elizabeth & Michael Sponseller, Susanne & Edwin Sponseller, Jennifer Sponseller Webster (daughter of Michael)
PA & MD Sponsellers - all descendznts of Andreas, son of Hans Philip

The George & Rebecca Sponseller Family
Back row, far right: Carl O. Sponseller

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