Sponseller Family Genealogy Collection

Sponseller Places

Have you ever . . .
. . . driven on Sponseller Road, Columbiana County, Ohio?
. . . been on Sponseller Drive, near Shepherd, Michigan?
. . . climbed Sponseller Mountain, Navajo County, Arizona?
. . . waded in Sponseller Lake, Apache County, Arizona?
. . . jumped a train at Sponseller Siding, Navajo County, Arizona?
. . . viewed the countryside from Sponseller's Hill, Stark Co., Ohio?
. . . attended a meeting at Sponseller Grange, Stark Co., Ohio?
. . . strolled on Sponseller Court, New Market, MD or Sponseller Court, North Canton, OH

Why are there so many Sponseller Places in Arizona?
They are named after Joseph Sponseller (6/9/1850 - 3/20/1945). Born in Two Taverns, PA, Joseph was an 1878 Arizona pioneer in the White Mountains, now part of the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest. Joseph rasied sheep (later with his brother, Peter, who joined him from Pennsylvania) and did carpentry work. He built the first covered bridge in Arizona over the White River. Sponseller Siding was a stop on the Apache RR, equipped with pens and loading ramps to send the sheep off to market.

The Henry Sponseller Stone House

Paul Sponseller, Fredericksburg, VA wrote:  "Han's (Phillip) son, George, my G-G-G Grandfather) bought a large tract of land near Littlestown, PA, and old records show a number of Sponseller farms in that area.  I will include a photo of the house, still existing, that was built by GeorgeĀ’'s son, Henry, in 1809 and my G-Grandfather, Jacob, was born there in 1812. The house is between Littlestown and Gettysburg."

The Jacob Sponseller House

East Park Ave, Columbiana, OH razed ~1967 for expansion of Columbiana Motor Co.

Sponseller Grange

Sponseller Grange, on Sponseller Hill, Old Waynesburg Rd., off Rt 43, south of East Canton, OH. 

Does anyone have more?