Sponseller Family Genealogy Collection

Yes, we're all related . . . here's why

Hans (Hana’) Philip Sponseller (Spönseiler) (Spannseiler)
Born about 1676, Palinate region of Germany (Near Stuttgart)
Died 19 Apr 1752, Lancaster Co. Pa.
Married 18 Aug 1711 to Anna Barbara Mast, Christened 3 Nov 1687, Kirchardt, Baden, Germany.

    1. Hans Jacob, born 26 May 1712, Kirchardt Evang. Luth. Reformed Church, Germany
    2. Hans Jacob, born 8 Feb 1714, Kirchardt Evang. Luth. Reformed Church, Germany     (It appears to be customary in the 18th & 19th centuries, that if a child dies, to give         the same name to a child born later.)
    3. Hans Georg, born 17 Dec 1716, Grombach Luth. Church, Germany
    4. Anna Barbara, born 25 Aug 1719, Sinsheim Luth. Church, Germany
    5. Andreas, born 17 Nov 1722, Sinsheim Luth, Church, Germany
    6. There is a Christening record in Hanover, Pa. indicating they also had a daughter         named Elizabeth.

All of the above immigrated to America and are listed in marriage records in Lancaster Co. Pa.

From: A “list of foreigners imported in the ship Loyal Judith, of London, Robert Turpin, Master, from Rotterdam, Qualified Sept 25 1732”

Hans Philip Spansailer

Jacob Spansaler (the only child over 16)

Of 111 names on the roster, there were no females listed. Only male passengers over 16 years of age were listed by name.

In all of my research, I have not seen any evidence that any other than that one Sponseller family ever immigrated to the United States.

Source: Paul Sponseller, Fredericksburg, Virginia